Frequently Asked Questions

For the Clear Debit Card

What kind of costs can you expect with a Clear debit card? / How expensive is the debit card?

Clear’s debit card is totally free to get and to use. You can sign up for the Clear debit card via the Clear app, available for free on iOS and Android.

How is the Clear debit card the cheapest way to buy skincare?

We’ve worked hard to form partnerships with all of your favourite skincare brands, and have negotiated deals to make skincare cheaper for those who buy using their Clear card. The way this works is that you will get instant cashback in your Clear account after paying for your items.

Is it just skincare products I can buy with a Clear debit card?

No, you can buy anything with your Clear debit card! It works the same as any regular debit card.

Is it Visa/MasterCard supported?

Yes, we are starting with MasterCard, but can also support Visa in the future. As a user, there are no tangible differences between the two providers.

How do I put money into my card?

You can add funds via ACH (bank) transfer, or via entering card details attached to an existing checking account.

How much cashback do you get from skincare retailers?

This changes depending on the retailer, but on average, you can expect 0.5%.

Can it be used internationally? / Is the card available in my country?

Initially, this will only be available in the US. In 2022, we will expand to more countries.

Is it a physical debit card or can it be used on the phone?

Initially, we will issue virtual cards, but we will soon be able to offer physical debit cards too!

Does it support online shopping?

Of course! When you’re at the checkout on your online shop, simply enter your Clear card details, which you can access from the Clear app.

Will my bank be able to assess an overdraft fee if I make a purchase without sufficient balance?

We currently do not support overdrafts. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, we will not authorise the transaction. This protects you from paying extra, unnecessary fees.

Can I freeze my debit card account in case I am worried about suspicious activity?

Yes, simply tap the freeze button in the debit card settings from within the Clear app.

Is it possible for me to close my card/account?

Yes, you can request to close your account in the debit card settings from within the Clear app.

For Brand Partners

Who are we and what is Clear’s vision?

We are a company made by skincare enthusiasts, for skincare enthusiasts. Our founders are recent MIT/ Imperial College London graduates, with a passion for skincare and building apps. Our vision is to make skincare social, transparent and inclusive.

How many users does Clear App have?

We are growing faster than ever before! Despite only launching publicly 2 months ago, we already have over 3,000 users.

How exactly will Clear advertise our products to gain awareness and sales?

Clear has an active social media presence on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit. We also have deals with influencers with over 1m followers on their social media accounts, and have access to Y Combinator’s network.

What value does Clear add to skincare brands?

We advertise your products directly to our community of die-hard skincare enthusiasts and professionals. We also provide you with access to our influencer network.

How diverse is our team?

  • Bipoc, female led team
  • 57% female team
  • Women working on tech teams
  • Venture that started during the pandemic
  • 100% remote team
  • 12+ nationalities

How many brands are we currently affiliated with?

We’re currently affiliated with over 50 brands - ranging from local skincare businesses, to large multinationals.

How does Clear make money?

Our two current revenue streams are affiliate deals and debit card interchange revenue. In the future, we will also monetise via credit cards and payments processing/ business banking account services.

What is Y Combinator (YC)?

YC is a startup accelerator based in San Francisco. It provides seed funding and extensive mentorship for startups. Fellow YC companies include AirBnb, Twitch, Reddit, Stripe, DropBox, Coinbase and InstaCart.

How do Clear’s debit cards work?

Just like any other debit card, except you get instant cashback on your purchases. You create a Clear checking account through the app, and can access your card details via the app. When you buy products, you simply enter your Clear card details.