Top 4 Misconceptions Skincare Newbies Run Into

By Silvia Tosatto

2 minute read

Navigating through all the ingredients and products that are out there in the skincare world can be overwhelming. I especially know that, having only recently started to approach this complicated world myself. Before that, ingredient names and price tags easily blurred my judgment and often led me to overestimate certain products over others. In this article, I included some of the most common misconceptions that newbies like myself are incisive to when approaching the universe of skincare for the first time.

1. Hyaluronic acid

I know you've heard about it because it’s literally everywhere. So many would think that it’s a miraculous ingredient that will magically make your skin look younger and brighter. The reality is, the hyaluronic acid has benefits, but it is often overpriced and overhyped. It’s a moisturizer that can temporarily plump and hydrate your skin, so it’s handy and useful, but it’s not worth spending over £100 on!

Wooden table with skincare products

2. Expensive moisturizers

You don’t need to spend over £100 on moisturizers. You can get a lot of nice moisturizers for a very affordable price, just make sure that you get the ones with the right ingredients! A recent study has found that expensive moisturizers were more likely to have a higher number of allergens per product compared to more inexpensive products. So, in the end, a basic moisturizer will do the job, and save you a lot of money.

3. Toners

I had no idea, and I felt betrayed when I found that out for the first time, but toners are just not the miracle product we are advertised. A toner is a liquid meant to strip your skin after cleansing. So, if you are using a good cleanser, a toner is just there to take credit for the work done by another product. However, you should know that sometimes products called “toners” have good active ingredients incorporated into them, that can actually be useful for you. Yet, they are not “toners” by definition, and you would still be better off opting for a serum that contains those same active ingredients. That is why I abandoned my witch hazel toner for a niacinamide serum a few months ago, after learning of this misconception.

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4. CBD Skin Care Products

While Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, has been a hot ingredient that every company is racing to incorporate in their skincare lines, its effectiveness is also questionable. The claims that support CBD as beneficial in contrasting inflammation have been debunked by many dermatologists. So while the leaf might catch your attention, make sure that you critically assess whether it’s worth it or not to include it in your skincare!

So be deliberate when you chose your skincare routine. If you can justify why you are using certain products, and if you are aware of what the ingredients in the products do then you are on the safe side!

Written by Silvia Tosatto, 15-06-2021