Skincare Tools Not Worth Buying

By Silvia Tosatto

2 minute read

So if you’ve been reading our blogs, following us on social media, and checking other skincare-related content on the web, I am confident that this article right here will debunk a lot of the ads that you are getting targeted by. Well, since we are here to help you shape your journey through skincare, we had to wark you about products that are just not worth the hype or the money.

1. Jade rolls

While being extremely attractive tools, with their colors and expensive look, jade rollers are not worth the hype. Many have advertised them as miracle tools that can help with reducing swelling and puffiness, and for anti-aging benefits. However, no evidence has been found to support their effectiveness. But do you like the feel of them on your skin? Do they make you feel relaxed? Then go for them, but don’t expect them to change the appearance of your skin in the long term by themselves.

2. Silicon brushes

These are insanely popular on Instagram, but do you need them in your routine? The answer is no. they do feel nice on your skin, I will grant you that, but these brushes won’t do anything for your skin that your hands cannot do by themselves. They can also be pretty inconvenient, as you often have to recharge them and clean them to avoid infections. So save some money, and scroll past that insta ad.

3. Blackhead Strips

They are plenty of fun, don’t get me wrong. Nothing is more satisfying than pulling these strips out and see all the junk that you removed from your skin. However, that junk is just the superficial part of all the dirt and grime that is lying below your pores. And if you suffer from sensitive skin, these strips are likely to create more damage than good! Like with a lot of other skin-related issues, there is no easy quick fix for blackheads other than using appropriate products that can balance your skin oil production. 

4. Skin fridges

A perfectly useless waste of energy and resources. You do not need to store products in the fridge, although some creams might benefit from being kept in a cooler environment or a fridge. These are moisturizers if you are someone who suffers from eczema or atypic dermatitis because they could soothe your skin and decrease scratching feelings. But buying a special fridge just to keep your lotions in? Useless.

So, in the end, when it comes to tools used for skincare, be very careful about the promises made by ads. Improving your skin takes time and consistency, and tools like the ones mentioned in this article will just not deliver the results you would want them to!

Written by Silvia Tosatto, 18-06-2021