Skincare and COVID-19
Why is it Booming? 📈

By Silvia Tosatto

2 minute read

During the pandemic, a lot of people have begun a plethora of different hobby activities. Cooking, baking, practicing Yoga were definitely among the most identifiable trends on social media, but another one that made the cut was certainly skincare.

With people spending more time at home, wearing less make-up, and having more time to reflect upon their lifestyle, a lot of us began to look at their skin more closely. The pandemic not only gave us more time to notice our defects, but it also gave us the time and protected environment to address them. Along with a general increase in concern over our health, these factors contributed to raising our awareness of the importance of treating our skin correctly. From here, TikTok and Instagram content boomed, and visualizations on YouTube channels dedicated to DIY face products and product reviews by dermatologists boomed.

Woman with hands on face

Crucially, not only skincare products began to go viral. As more and more celebrities began to share their skincare routines on their Instagram stories, we all began to see that even the most celebrated actors, models, and tv personalities struggle with skin problems. And the Care bit of skincare started booming, along with a more transparent representation of life during the pandemic.

Ultimately, while it may be tricky to find the silver lining in a tragic event such as a global pandemic, the rise of skincare as a concern among larger audiences is one to be mentioned. The quest for healthy skin and an effective skincare routine has begun, and we are here to see it happen.

Written by Silvia Tosatto, 10-06-2021