Creating your skincare routine

By Silvia Tosatto

3 minute read

Are you among the many who started to get interested in skincare over the pandemic? Then, it’s time to start creating your own (new) skincare routine. Here are some crucial steps that you should go through before assembling a successful routine that can help you look and feel your best self!

1. Identify your main concerns

Whether it’s acne, whiteheads, redness, eczema, or enlarged pores, there is always one concern that trumps them all when you look at yourself in the mirror. Understanding what the issue is is a crucial first step to determine how to address it. You can’t pinpoint what is wrong with your skin? Well, we got you covered! One of the main functions of Clear allows you to select tags meant to help you characterize your skin type and identify your key concerns. Check these out, and see if you can relate to any of them!

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2. Do some research on the causes of your concerns

Researching your skin problems allows you not only to understand what causes your issues but can also highlight how these might be linked to some of your other “less pressing” concerns. For instance, my main skin concern has always been enlarged pores located in the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin). I decided to read more into why do pores in this area tend to be so visible, and I learned that this issue was likely linked to an imbalance in oil. The same source also mentioned blackheads as an associated issue. This came as a relief to me, mostly because the blackheads on my nose have always made me feel self-conscious when not wearing covering makeup.

Asking questions also helps, and platforms like Clear allow you to do this in an inclusive and safe space. No question is too elementary nor obvious: in the Clear community you will receive clear information on skin problem causes, and you will get to connect with others who struggle with similar concerns! So understanding what you want to improve is a crucial stage of developing a skincare routine, and we have the best instrument to help you through this phase comfortably and effectively!

3. Look up the ingredients that can help you solve these concerns

With the emergence of YouTube channels dedicated to dermatology and the growth of SkinCare influencers on Instagram and TikTok, this has never been easier. Videos dedicated to addressing skin concerns now have more and more traction than ever, and they even oftentimes include useful suggestions for products. Moreover, more and more skincare brands have included ingredient guides on their website which allow consumers to easily access information on different formulations, empowering them to make the best possible choice for their concerns.

And of course, use Clear! The app lets you see what concerns other skincare enthusiasts have and allows you to get a peek at their routines, with direct links to ingredient lists and comments by users. The information is out there, you just need to find it!

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4. Carefully select your products

Once the ingredients part is sorted out, make sure to analyze what the skincare market has to offer you. What are your criteria for choice besides the ingredients? Do you like thicker formulations, or do you prefer lighter gels? Also, how much money are you willing to spend on products? Are you someone who wants to save as much as possible, or are you okay paying a little bit more to feel a bit fancier? Are you a fan of large containers, or are you someone who travels a lot and wants their stack to be below the 100ml threshold? Carefully consider all these criteria when deciding what to purchase.

Many might also have ethical concerns when it comes to purchasing skincare products. More and more brands in recent years have reduced or eliminated animal testing, and are also promoting other socially sustainable changes within their companies, whether in fields like an advertisement, but also at the administrative levels. If these are crucial concerns for you, researching brands more thoroughly could give you insights into how the company is run and administered, allowing you to make an empowered choice as a consumer.

Also, don’t forget to use Clear at this stage too! Product reviews are very popular out there, and especially when it comes to some of the most mainstream brands, you can be sure to find some reliable first-hand experiences and reports! And remember that this can be fun, so don’t stress out too much about it!

5. Try out your new routine, and be patient!

And after all this hard work, you finally get to try out your newly designed skincare routine. Set up your self-care corner and get started! Just remember that it might take a while before you start seeing the results of your hard work. First results can only be seen one month after starting a new product, and you should wait at least three months before starting to evaluate whether the routine has been effective or not. So give yourself some time, and use Clear to track your progress!

And if your products don’t seem to work, don’t despair! It takes time to find your best routine.

Also, remember that our skin changes with us. What used to work for you two years ago might need some revision at this present time! So be patient, and enjoy the journey 😊

Written by Silvia Tosatto, 11-06-2021