Skincare For Less With Clear Debit Cards!

By Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya

2 minute read

Did you know that on average, people spend $500 or more on skincare products every year? At Clear, we understand how important skincare and managing money is for our users. This is why we are launching a debit card feature to maximise the cost-effectiveness of purchasing skincare for Clear Users.

With the Clear debit card, users will:

  1. 1. Get special offers, discounts and cashback on a range of products
  2. 2. Have access to all features of a classical debit card supported by MasterCard
  3. 3. Pay no account fees for having the cards

For small skincare businesses and influencers, Clear will also offer a business account within the same banking system and process transactions of the skincare retailer but with a much lower service fee made possible through a centralised Clear Bank account.

The Clear Debit card will create the cheapest way to but skincare, so join the waitlist today at

Written by Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya, 04-08-2021