Skin Type Test

By Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya

2 minute read

The first step to building any sort of skincare routine is knowing what your skin type is so you can buy the right products and develop the habits that will be best for your skin. There are four main skin types:

Dry Skin: Often caused by age and environmental factors, this skin type is characterised by dull, rough and tight skin that needs extra hydration to return its shine and supple texture

Oily Skin: This skin type secretes excess oil due to active oil glands that can lead to frequent breakouts. People with oily skin usually need oil-controlling and lightweight skincare products.

Combination skin: This skin has traits of both oily and dry skin. Most often the skin is more oily around the T-Zone(forehead and chin) and drier on the cheeks. It can also mean that your skin changes from oily to dry depending on the environment. It needs a combination of products to address both the dry and oily areas.

Normal Skin: This skin is neither too dry nor too oily as it is healthy and sufficiently hydrated. It can tolerate most things without severe reactions hence no special care is necessary.

If you aren’t sure what your skin type is, don’t worry! All you need is 60 seconds and a tissue to take Clear’s quick and easy skin type test! Follow the instructions from this link:

Written by Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya, 09-08-2021