Seasonal Skincare

By Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya

3 minute read

Our skin can be sensitive to even the smallest changes in our environment, let alone the huge transformations in temperature, sun exposure, wind, and humidity levels that come with seasonal changes. Our skin loves consistency and it’s best to take care of our skin needs, so here are some minor changes that we can make to our routines to keep our skin healthy and happy.


The cool temperatures, winds and low humidity levels of fall and winter make dry skin a bigger concern in these months. To combat this, you can use a hydrating serum after cleansing. Follow up with a rich, heavy moisturiser to lock everything in. While sunscreen in summer is a no-brainer, preventing sun damage is as important in colder months, so keep SPF a confident part of your skincare routine throughout the year.


As temperatures and humidity levels rise one of the main skin changes in an increase in oil and sebum production. Equally, the sweat we produce after outdoor activities in the warmer months may further clog pores and irritate the skin. The most important thing to do in the warmer months is to keep your skin as clean as possible by cleansing twice a day with an oil-removing cleanser to control excess sebum. As we spend more time in the sun, it is recommended to use a stronger sunscreen and diligently reapply every 2 hours throughout the day so you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about sun damage.

Overall, it helps greatly to keep a record of your skincare routine through the year to make it easy to adapt to changes in the environment. This is made simple with the Clear app’s diary function that lets you log all the products in your skincare routine. You can also check out the most popular products according to users on the app.

Written by Raniyah Basheer and Siya Madayya, 06-08-2021